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How to operate the pad printer

Method of applying ink to etching plate (steel plate): There are many ways to apply ink on etching plate.
The ink is first sprayed onto the etched plate, and the excess ink is scraped off with a retractable doctor blade. At this time, the solvent remaining in the ink in the etched region volatilizes and forms a gel-like surface, and the head is lowered onto the etched plate to suck the ink.
Absorption ink and printing products: plastic suction head on the etched board most of the ink after the rise, at this time, this layer of ink and volatile part of the remaining part of the ink is not dry surface is more conducive to printing objects and plastic head close integration. The head is styled to create a rolling motion to drain excess air from the etched plate to the ink surface. In the production process in the ink and the plastic head with the best situation is the etched board all the ink is transferred to the object to be printed in the production process (close to 10 microns or 0.01 mm thick ink adhesion was transferred to The substrate) printed head easily subject to air, temperature, electrostatic size and other effects. If the evaporation rate and the dissolution rate are just in equilibrium from the etch plate to the transfer head to the substrate, then a successful print is considered. If the evaporation is too fast, the ink has been dried up before being absorbed. If the evaporation is too slow, the ink surface has not yet formed a gel-like, difficult to make the plastic head and the matrix attached.
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