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Silk screen printer common faults

Silk screen printing machine in the printing process there will always be a variety of fault problems, such as manual, semi-automatic all action, power light, printing seat left after the action and so on.
The first symptom: semi-automatic foot pedal switch without immediate action.
Most of these failures are due to foot switch damage or foot switch socket caused by short-circuit water, and the other is the manual start button switch problems. Repair method is to replace the new switch, socket, button switch or open the repair-related damage pieces.
The second symptom: semi-automatic work when the foot switch pedal down, release and then rise.
This phenomenon is generally the left side of the sliding seat near the switch damage or broken connection, the solution is to replace the proximity switch or switch on the connection.
The third symptom: semi-automatic work step on the foot switch slide stand down, left after the printing seat does not move.
The cause of this failure occurs when the slider on the left side of the proximity switch is not sensed or has a problem. The solution is to adjust the proximity of the proximity switch proximity sensor or replace the good proximity switch; there is a foot switch within the micro-switch is not jammed action will cause this failure. The solution is to adjust, reset or replace the microswitch in the foot switch.
The fourth symptom: semi-automatic work when the foot switch, slide down the left after the rise, but not to the right. This phenomenon occurs when the upper left of the slide seat is not sensed by the proximity switch or the proximity switch has a problem. The solution is to adjust the upper proximity sensor or the better proximity switch.
Fifth symptoms: action to move up after the slow half-beat. Such failure is to control the solenoid valve has a foreign body obstruction or solenoid valve is faulty, the solution is to remove the magnetic valve to clean or replace the good solenoid valve.
Sixth Symptom: Manual, semi-automatic all do not move, power light. Such failures are due to low-side fuse blown, no gas source into the solenoid valve all have faults. The solution is for the low side of the fuse, check whether the pressure to 4-7kg / cm, solenoid valve all the failures are small, mostly connected off.
Seventh fault phenomenon: automatic, semi-self-starting does not decline. Such failure occurs is the right side of the sliding seat near the switch is faulty or not sensed, select the switch failure, single-action switch chain point damage. The solution is to adjust the proximity switch or replace the right proximity switch, replace or repair the selection switch and single-action switch. The eighth failure phenomenon: Automatic can not start, such failure is the upper and lower cylinder micro-switch normally closed, the contact can not be turned on or timer damage, the solution is to repair the micro switch, or replace the timer.
Ninth kinds of fault phenomena: workstations do not inhale, such failure is due to the suction motor burned.
Control of the motor running contactor damage, suction motor rotation, but to control the suction solenoid valve failure, inspiratory selection switch failure, solution repair or replacement.
Tenth fault phenomenon: the work surface does not inhale, because the suction control solenoid valve is bad or internal block damage, the solution is to replace the repair.
The eleventh kind of failure phenomenon: the rise of the slide seat is slow, because the slider bearing no oil or cylinder piston wear, magnetic collision to the axis of bending, the solution is to supply oil, replace the piston password, adjust the axis.
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