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How to use the printing ink

In many industries have been used in the printing machine this equipment, its simple structure, the volume is not large, the machine at work efficiency is very high, by the majority of friends of all ages.We use the machine before, to understand its correct operation Method, the only way to play the maximum effectiveness of the machine.First of all before using the machine to run the machine, wait two or three minutes, if the machine does not fail, we can use the first time to the device in the etching First of all, we want to smear the material evenly on the surface of the etching plate, and then use the telescopic knife will be applied to the smear will be applied to the steel plate, The excess ink to the curettage, double-wall bellows manufacturers warm reminder, when we scraped off the excess material, you will find the surface of the ink in the steel sheet solvent has been formed into a gel, then we as long as the plastic head down To the plate is, for the absorption of materials can be.
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