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The move towards automation is an industry consensus

Automatic is necessary to improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and pad printing technology from labor-intensive industry to technology-intensive industry transformation is the inevitable requirement and features!
At present, the more automatic printing presses are more commonly used to transfer the conveyor belt conveyor belt, the printing process is completely automatic. While the all-automatic printing machine is relatively rare, there are still plenty of surprises to be made with a specific product. Such as printing CD automatic printing machine, printing JiuPingGai automatic printing machine, printing all kinds of small electronic products shell automatic printing machine, etc. The automation of the printing machine essentially means the automation of the product's delivery, and the printing of the printing presses is very small. All kinds of new technical information broadened our horizons, other printing technology of infiltration, let us create new inspiration, customer demand will arouse the passion of printing machine manufacturing enterprises. Now with the pad printing machine printing commodity description, trademark pattern, such as more and more manufacturers, exactly why they are willing to choose to pad printing machine for your choice, whether the competitiveness of the pad printing machine in where?
First, the printer does have the advantages of many of the same printing equipment. First, a pad printing machine can do at most 12 tinted call multi-color overprint, can one-time print out all products, so that it can not only improve the efficiency and save the money, even just a factory small producers can afford this part of the cost, compared with similar products of screen printing machine multi-color overprint is expensive. www.gyorprint.cn
Second, compared with the characteristics of screen printing machine, pad printing machine ink layer is very thin, which means that it is easy to leave a mark on the surface of any product, both flat and curved surface and irregular surface, can be a perfect copy printing design, but in the screen printing machine is very complicated, flat screen printing machine can only printing graphic, if you want to printing surface will apply another surface screen printing machine.
And pad printing machine has excellent color expressive force and printing adaptability, although the screen printing technology printed pattern stereo sense is strong, with the hand touch can feel uneven feeling, but if than printing products, pad printing machine is absolutely everything, whether it is plastic or metal, both sports and glass products, for pad printing machine is a piece of cake. It is this high performance of the printing machine, the characteristic of low price that fully ADAPTS to this commoditized and highly developed material society, which is the first choice for modern manufacturers.
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