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【Origin Pic】
1, the printing system guide column or rail-type design. Scratching action and stability, to ensure that the printing effect
2, the new air pressure printing head lifting device to facilitate the plastic scraping, back to Mexico knife. Stenciling and cleaning
3, the machine architecture using high-quality aluminum alloy, light and strong.
4, scraping stroke can be used with the size of the steel plate, left and right shift set to adjust.
5, with a variety of special shock absorber, printing superior and stable performance
6, the standard printing platform using radial principle design. Strong suction
7, printing table with three sets of fine-tuning button, to provide around, before and after, skew angle alignment adjustment.
8, gas distribution are well-known brands in Germany, the fee period with gas components, stability and superiority.
Machine use
Glass, toys, ceramics, daily necessities, gifts, metal plastic objects, product logo, logo, text, etc., but also for special products, such as computer keyboard, mobile phone keyboard, electronic panel, telephone, games and watches and clocks, all kinds of electronic products, Demand for design-specific models.
Technical Parameters
Machine Model: GN-122A
Standard steel plate size: 100x100 (mm)
The largest steel plate size: 150x100 (mm)
Printing area: 75 * 75 (mm)
Workpiece height: 70 (mm)
Printing speed: 1500 (p / hr)
Power supply: 220V / 50HZ
Power: 50 / 60HZ 20W
Air supply: 6bar
Cycle Air Consumption: 0.5 (L)
Net Weight: 106 (kg)
Body size: 710 * 600 * 1420 (mm)
Buyer Information
Pearl River Delta region door-to-door installation and commissioning, logistics outside the Pearl River Delta, freight telephone consultation. Need to take the courier or specify the courier, please and factory instructions, such as the factory is not the default logistics, hope you understand and support, thank you! Damage incurred during transit Description:
1, minor damage in the transport, in the case of work, the buyer can accept, the buyer requested the replacement of damaged parts, factory commitment, unconditional buyers to help replace parts.
2, transport, serious damage, please buyers do not pick up, contact the factory and explain the situation in time, all the reasons, from the factory to deal with a similar situation, the factory can only apologize, delay your time, such as time To the and, the buyer of the shop trust, shop will be a replacement in time.
3, the buyer before buying the machine, please carefully look at the machine description and purpose, is suitable for their own use, if not understand the local contact factory, factory staff will help you explain in detail, the Machine is more practical, before buying the machine, please contact the factory, such as the emergence of the machine itself does not know whether the use of the machine to buy the machine, resulting in printing, the buyer returns, to ensure the equipment in good condition , The factory to give the return of the machine in the issue and sent back to the buyer by the freight, hope you understand.
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