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This collection is monochromePad printing machineOil basin type oil supply system is adopted. 
The micro electronic keyboard controls the operation interface.
Independent rubber head up and down travel and speed control.
Equipped with X, y, Z axial and angle adjustment table
It has the characteristics of wide application, high printing efficiency and easy operation.
It can meet different printing environment (plane, curved surface, irregular surface).
Requirements for graphic printing.
Worktable and net arm fine-tuning function, the version of fast and easy.
The head lifting device is convenient for cleaning and replacing the screen frame, and the printing performance is superior and stable.
Widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, hardware, plastic, toys, stationery and other industries.


technical parameter



Single cycle


Workpiece height


Printing speed


Steel plate size:


Printing area:


control panel


Power Supply

110V or 220V 50/60HzV

electric power:

20W 6BarW

External dimension:


This series of pad printing machine is suitable for all kinds of electronic products, such as computer keyboard, mobile phone, keyboard, electronic panel, telephone, game machine, clock, toy, daily necessities, gifts and other hardware and plastic products logo, pattern and text printing. It can also be designed for special product needs.

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